About Us

The French Flower Garden is a family affair of combined creative skills and talents focused on creating dream weddings and unique home and garden décor.  The staff together has over 60 years in floral and craft design.  Even as the trends come and go, the French Flower Garden continues to provide the latest cutting edge designs.

Every wedding at the French Flower Garden is given the personal touch; tending to all the details to make your day perfect. The staff cares about your wedding as much as you do and they strive to ensure that everything is perfect on your special day.

Because the French Flower Garden understands that wedding budgets come in all sizes, the staff is here to provide ideas to keep you on track without sacrificing the overall feel of your dream wedding.  In addition to all the floral experience, the French Flower Garden staff is experienced in the following:

ad23db4ffcb1d6f1d36d63aaf6e369dcDesigning and sewing bride, bridesmaids and flower girl dresses


Creating overall wedding themes

Designing the perfect favors

Creating unique wedding centerpieces using unusual, creative items

The point is that the French Flower Garden personnel has seen it all and are here to assist you with any phase of your wedding plans. With their combined experience they can provide valuable tips and ideas on how to help you create your dream wedding even on a budget.

In addition to weddings, the French Flower Garden creates and designs unique, home and garden items. Many creations come from unusual or recycled items. The French Flower Garden sells most of their items at local craft shows. Please check out their events page for upcoming shows.

If you are planning a wedding or needing that something special for your home or garden, please contact the French Flower Garden for a personal consultation.